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The place they're going to end up, in 10 days to two weeks, is arguing that even if Donald Trump fire James Comey - and that's the thing that triggered this investigation - even if he fired the head of the FBI in order to shut down an investigation into the president's own wrongdoing, that was within the president's power. Republicans are watching this kind of messaging avalanche from Fox, from Wall Street Journal, from other places, where their [unintelligible] are being prepared to accept this argument. If they don't set up now and say “I want this administration to continue.We defend Mueller and this evidence is important and needs to be heard and has national security implications” they are going to be born along and the whole part is going to be pulled after Trump into the deep blue sea.

But the most significant thing is the fact that in this 31 page indictment that the charges and the timeline are prior to his five month involvement in the Trump campaign.But Bana Alabed voice rang out loud and clear for the whole world to hear. Bana and her family were living in Aleppo, Syria when the city came under siege in 2016. Sometimes her tweets were simple like “Please stop the war we are tired.” Or “Speaking for the children of Aleppo, I demand peace for us.” Sometimes, she tweeted songs or short videos sharing her family's plight as bombs exploded in the background. There were critics who claimed they were fake, or that she was being used as propaganda by rebel fighters. And the white helmet come and they was digging and they hold a body. It was all the distance between the city and the country just 20 minutes no more. VOICE 5: As many as two thousands has already boarded buses. FATEMAH: Every day you still ask when we can go home.But for as long as she kept tweeting Bana's posts helped bring a seemingly intractable civil war into the clarifying perspective of a child's eye view. They've been given safe passage out of Aleppo to Idlib Province, another parts of Syria under opposition control. The bus move and we feel happy that nothing happened to us. We are now going.: BANA ALABED: When we reach there, my brothers say it is paradise. We ate so much things because we was feeling very happy. I hope that day will come that we will see a country that is rebuilt and people reborn. [Music: Theme] Back To Top » SOUNDCLIP When the terrible conditions came, that is in December-January, the worst one in February ’33. Every morning the wagon, corps wagon, was stopping at every house and shouting “anybody has died overnight”.Bana was able to leave Aleppo during the December 2016 ceasefire. She has written a book about her experience called Dear World, Bana and her mom Fatemah came into our New York studio to talk about it. FATEMAH: I felt my heart would fall down from happiness like “Yes. FATEMAH: And when we arrived to countryside, my children saw a lot of things that they dream it, like food and fruit and water and they thought that it is their heaven. Yes, and we are happy very much because we are in a safe country. BANA ALABED: When I grow up I will be a teacher teaching the children English because I wanted them to learn the alphabet and the word, how to write, how to read in Arabic and in English. AMT: Mykola Latyshko survived the Ukrainian famine of the early 1930s. ANNE APPLEBAUM: It's a word that means death famine or terror famine and it was a word used to express the difference between the famine of the early 1930s and other previous famines. ANNE APPLEBAUM: Because it was so massive and it touched so many people and it was so deadly.SOUNDCLIP BANA ALABED: I would like to read you my favorite part of the book. BANA ALABED: We it apple, banana, orange, like all of the fruits. FATEMAH: Maybe you will have given me grandchildren by then. [Sound: Music] AMT: Bana Alabed and her mother Fatemah Alabed. He lived to share his memories as he did there with Ukrainian Canadian research and documentation center in Toronto. It's an astonishing death toll, especially since the famine is probably better described as starvation, a forced starvation brought about by the Soviets. AMT: What was the relationship between Ukraine and Russia before the Bolsheviks seized power in 1917?

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But this party could be headed to a cataclysmic event in 2018. I mean if it turns out, as the evidence sort of indicates or suggests - I don't want to say confirms, that a presidential campaign cooperated with a hostile foreign power to subvert and contaminate and pervert the American political system. That would be, if shown to be true, the biggest political scandal in American history. I mean his talkers will say that because talkers will say anything, but Trump's base is shrinking fast. They say hundreds of thousands of people in the rebel held northern parts of the city are now under siege. So we try to save some food like macarona or rice that we can save for them for a long time because we don't know the siege how long it would be. I hate macarona and rice because every day we ate it. I think this is the hardest thing in the life that you cannot provide to your family what they need. The United Nations says it's simply too dangerous for deliveries to be made to the city under siege by Syrian government forces, backed up in the air by Russia. FATEMAH: Even yhen you were thrown out of their clothes, I couldn't go to market because all the shops are empty because the siege. VOICE 2: Eastern Aleppo is now enduring a fifth straight day of punishing air strikes.

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