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Bid out both tiling and painting, and watch the customers line up.

But most of these companies are run by disorganized and occasionally rude owners who don’t know how to return an email.

When people write to me for help, I’m often confronted with a dilemma.

Many of them are hardworking and intelligent people who are making reasonable financial choices, but due to the non-negotiable nature of , not ending up with as large a monthly surplus of cash at the end of each month as their higher-income counterparts.

To help whet your alternative moneymaking whistle, here are a few of the ways I have recently learned that people make reasonable incomes, without any formal training.

Since there are about 2000 work hours in a year, we can define a ,000 job as one that pays over per hour (or 0 per workday). Once you have a good reputation in an area with nice houses and good incomes, it is easy to earn over per hour building things – even things as simple as fences or decks. No formal training required, but it helps to work alongside another good carpenter for a year or two, or take classes at a community college.

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