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Updating company wikipedia page

The statement issued Tuesday sprang from that meeting, according to Mr. No trade organizations, including the Public Relations Society of America, took part of today's statement.

In covering the evolving media business, his beat has grown to include the worlds of content marketing and native advertising.

"They made a bunch of errors and confused us with someone else, largely," Mr. "There's a long-standing tension between the PR world and Wikipedia editors," said Bill Beutler, president of Beutler Ink, one of the agencies that signed the statement issued today.

Wikipedia editors "don't trust PR practitioners because they make edits about their companies or bosses that are in their own self interest," according to Mr.

PR agencies and consultants are often hired to manage the Wikipedia page for a company, organization or individual, but Wikipedia strongly discourages people from editing articles where there might exist a conflict of interest, including business or financial.

"If you are a paid advocate, then you should refrain from editing articles directly," said Mr. "But PR people can contribute by making sure correct information is made correct." And what happens when an unhappy client calls its agency asking them to remove or edit something on its Wikipedia page? Beutler, these agencies should go to Wikipedia's "talk" areas and make their case about why an article should be edited. "But it doesn't work terribly efficiently," he added. K.-based agency Bell Pottinger was caught editing Wikipedia articles on behalf of its clients, prompting a rebuke from Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales who said the agency suffered from "ethical blindness." "There's always a new case of someone getting their hand caught in the proverbial cookie jar," Mr. "It's been frustrating to me that whenever PR comes up in the news it's because they've done something they shouldn't." Mr.

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Beutler was instrumental in organizing a roundtable discussion in February in Washington, D.

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