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To do this, log in to the slave DNS server by SSH and run the utility "dig," which should give you an output like this: axfr @ ;; global options: printcmd As always, the tarball is available from and packages for Debian Jessie, Ubuntu Trusty, Xenial and Wily and for Cent OS 6 and 7 are available from our repositories.The simplest way is checking if the domain can be resolved locally.Log in to OBAS by SSH and run the command below: In the example above, we assume we added the domain "" and that we are trying to troubleshoot DNS synchronization problems with this domain.

Imagine you performed all the actions listed above and solved the problem with SSH connectivity, and now OBAS is able to connect to the DNS server without a password.

All slave servers are to transfer domain zones from the master, using native BIND tools.

If you see that the zone definition for the domain "" appears in the file "/var/named/named.zones" but the domain still cannot be resolved on the slave name server, then check if zone transfer is working between the OBAS master DNS server and the slave name server

Offending key in /var/www/.ssh/known_hosts:4 RSA1 host key for has changed and you have requested strict checking. The latter problem may occur if you reinstalled the DNS server registered in OBAS and, as a result, the host SSH keys were changed on this server (you might also recreate the Virtuozzo Containers container where the DNS server is working).

The simplest way to solve the problem with changed SSH keys is either removing the corresponding entry from the file "/var/www/.ssh/known_hosts" on the OBAS server, or removing the whole file.

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