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Jewish cam sex

A staff member for J Street revealed that Ari Shavit had made unwanted sexual advances toward her.

She had been accompanying him during a visit to Washington DC he made on behalf of the organization.

In fact, the Times disingenuously changed the headline of Nomani’s piece to: “An intellectual star faces an accuser.” It adds the new subtitle: “Women in the World changed the original heading to avoid a misreading.” The subtitle is just as outrageous as the original title because it implies that only the headline was offensive, when the entire article was.

It simply ignores the fact that the entire conception of the piece was a mess undeserving of publication anywhere outside of Debka Files or Frontpagemagazine.

Hamid Dabashi carefully eviscerates Nomani’s piece in an analysis he wrote for Al Jazeera.

In it, he aptly called the Times to task for publishing such a piece-of-crap Islamophobia: The New York Times today is integral to a massive Islamophobic machinery that marks Islam and Muslim as the diabolic enemy of history, of humanity, and of all manners and claims to a civilized life.

It also led to HBO cancelling a documentary that was to be based on his best-selling, (and brazenly bad) book.In her piece, Nomani offers unsupported claims that Ramadan supports female genital mutilation and stoning. Apparently, the Times’ editors were asleep at the wheel and didn’t review this story before publication.In her full frontal assault on Ramadan, Nomani commits a fatal error: she conflates her political-ideological prejudices with her analysis of gender relations.For outsiders, such regal privilege may inspire disapproval.But for his followers, the separateness that Twersky cultivates only increases the holiness with which he is regarded.

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But on the other hand, the Jewish community must not excuse the behavior of powerful men merely because they are cultural lions or moral avatars, as they’ve done in the case of Wiesel, Shavit and Wieseltier (his editors knew for years of his behavior).

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