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Girls girls girls russian dating directory

The planning of the wedding is very simple (I was amazed how much more complicated it is here!

), and includes rings, brides' dress, cars, and reception.

(An "engagement ring" on the LEFT hand on the same finger will mean for Russians that the person is divorced or widowed, i.e.

Thank you for providing an insight into Russian ways and traditions.

Price for making the dress may be anything from (including fabric) but rarely is more than 0, and if the woman makes the dress herself it may cost her less than (depending on the fabric). The necessary part of the wedding ceremony is a wedding train of several cars.

Big black cars are considered as luxury in Russia (they used to be available for Soviet government elite only), and usually if the couple has money, they will hire at least one for the bride.

She is a wonderful person, and I have known her fiance as well for a few years.

I was not expecting the treatment I received at the wedding.

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