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Families who stay at the Ronald Mc Donald House® share their stories and gain new insights as they meet children and parents with similar concerns. Thanks to the caring support of volunteers and staff, the burdens shared become a bit lighter – easing the pain of some very special people.

Your support of the Ronald Mc Donald House® says you care and lets you reach out to these children and their families. Ronald Mc Donald Houses® are all licensees of the Mc Donald’s Corporation, and Mc Donald’s provides many support services to the House program.

The Family Services staff are available to suggest community counseling resources for the patient and members of the family.

The Ronald Mc Donald House has a kitchen pantry with many non-perishable food items and milk donated to the House by our caring community.

Families do a wonderful job of counseling each other.

There is no formal counseling program, but the families do get support from the staff, the volunteers, and the other families.

Our Needs List is always up-to-date and includes the items that are currently a high-priority need. Groups and organizations are invited to plan House dinners or special events for families here.

Due to the varying medical conditions of the children here, we are unable to arrange individual visits with children.

On most Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays, volunteer groups from the community sign up to cook and serve evening meals for the families in the community room.

A schedule of the meals and menus is posted each week.

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10% of the annual revenues are generated from “other” miscellaneous sources.

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