Dating a lebanese guy

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Dating a lebanese guy

I can name half a dozen friends who have mentioned to me that their mothers and grandmothers are addicted to anti-anxiety medication.

In Lebanon, the Muslims take Xanax and the Christians take alcohol.

If a woman is unhappy with her husband or if friends are discussing a potential romantic partner, their primary complaint is almost always “he’s stingy” or “her family is cheap”.

The common name, Kareem, literally means “generous”.

As I will explore further in my next blog post, there is a materialistic undertone to the Lebanese society that pushes young women (and interestingly enough, young men) to meet impossible standards of beauty.

The nightlife is thriving in Beirut; there are various nightclubs to suit everyone’s taste.

The Lebanese are always willing to help complete strangers, with directions, free food and water, invitations to their house for tea and coffee.

A few weeks ago I was walking in the pouring rain and multiple women pulled over and offered to drive me to my destination.

I have lived in Lebanon for almost three years yet I still feel I am discovering new things every day.

This morning I took a different route to church suggested by my friend and we drove by an ancient Roman aqueduct, built into the cliffs rising above Beirut centuries upon centuries ago.

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While the physical signs of Lebanon’s sectarian civil war are still obvious – if slowly disappearing, as old, bullet-scarred buildings are replaced by modern apartments and shopping centres – you have to look deeper to see the emotional scars that affected a generation of Lebanese who endured the extended brutal conflict.

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