Concerns about dating someone youger

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Concerns about dating someone youger

When dry this parfum is musky and with sandalwood amber and patchouli green but musky very musky warm and powdery.

This parfum is for mature woman who is married or single with career who has her life so perfect and she is happy because she has everything she want.

I wore something different every day and was careful to wear the smallest drops of the really potent ones. I panicked when I first tried it..acrid burst of aldehydes gives it an "old lady" vibe, you just don't get this note in modern fragrance usually.

It wasn't small enough apparently because the day I wore a drop of Paloma behind each ear, she wrote me up for it. It smarts at first and is utterly vulgar, metallic even.

I already own Arpege and Knowing (and White Linen) so I don't know when I would wear this very similar type of fragrance. It was too loud for my taste then, even though I secretly loved it. I am a pushover for rose and the woody oakmoss in combination with the other notes, the coriander in particular, makes this fragrance unique.

I can see wearing it on the town, with the perfect little black dress, or a biker jean jacket.

@Sarahvigne Your review made me smile, and I write this somewhat in response to it.

I recently emptied my bottle but I'm sure I will buy another at some point.

My boss was a bitter jealous woman, a sorority girl with no sorority type. I bought 2 bottles of the EDP for a snip last year after 20 years of wearing only citrus perfumes.

She knew that perfume was my hobby and could never stand seeing me happy. I remembered my mum receiving a bottle as a gift and how beautiful it smelled on her. Any more and I think people would be falling over as I passed them!

Aldehydes are in harmony with ylang ylang, jasmine and hyacinth. I remember getting this one Christmas in my early 20's, this sat on my dresser basically collecting dust until it found a home with my older cousin.

Woody notes of oakmoss, patchouli, sandalwood, vetiver, and tobacco blend with original animal notes (castoreum, civet, and musk). A successful attempt to separate herself from both the common, less than confident woman and her father's name. I decided to revisit this recently, as tastes change, and the classics seem a little softer these days. I also pick up a smokiness here, even though incense is not listed in the notes, I pick up incense.

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