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More than two thirds of the Croats lost their lives: 400 soldiers and 10 officers, plus 357 dead of famine and freezing. According to Marmont, Napoleon declared: ``I never had more courageous and better soldiers''.According to [Dolbeau], p 18, Napoleon addressed the following message to these 296 Croatian survivors: Hier, j'ai pu m'assurer de mes propres yeux de votre courage et de votre fidlit.By the way, it is interesting that Ban (viceroy) Ivan VI Frankapan lived for about seven years at the Royal Court in Sweden in the first half of the 15th century.The word is [one] krabat, [many] krabater, and [that] krabaten, [those] krabaterna.Salarié du privé ou demandeur d’emploi, le compte personnel de formation a été créé pour vous permettre de bénéficier d’heures de formation tout au long de votre vie professionnelle, pour vous former régulièrement.The earliest known usage of cravat in history is by Ivan Gundulic (1589-1638), a famous Croatian poet from the City of Dubrovnik.It is little known that a famous French King Louis XIV (1638-1715) had his cravatier du roi. Interesting impressions about the Croats can be seen in "The Journey" written by Thomas Watkins, published in London in 1792 (second edition in 1794).Cravatier du roi had a very serious and important duty in the state administration: to offer the King a basket full of finest cravats every morning! He praises Croatian soldiers (Esclavonian soldiers) and sailors.

It is indeed derived from the word Croat and has been used in the Swedish language since c.He was the head of a regiment of Pandours recruited largely in Slavonia.His Memoirs of the Illustrious Francis Bacon Trenck were first printed in German and then translated into English (London, 1747). Note that he was born the same year when Ivan Gundulic died.A part of Vienna, capital of Austria, at Spittelberg (7.Bezirk), was since 1609 known as Krawattendrfl or Krowottendrfl, according to different Austrian dialects. It is interesting that the Croatian town of Slavonski Brod on river Sava appears on a map of the Habsburg Empire from 1697 with its center indicated as Cravatten Statt.

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DO NOT TURN YOUR BACK TO CROATIA Designed by Boris Ljubičić CRAVATE AROUND ARENA IN PULA, 2003 the largest cravat in the world, weighing 450 kg, 808 m long, maximal width 25 m, tied around Arena in Pula, Istria, Croatia. Hodnett (Ireland), Carlos Braumann (Portugal), Mrs.