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Cam2 cam free mexico

"That opens up a whole suite of other questions for scientists and everything else to say well, 'What's the difference?

' Obviously there's a different culture and a different diet and a different hunting technique." She's also more confident than ever in the vehicle's ability to track fast and randomly moving animals in the water, though she knows she won't always be as lucky as she was in Guadalupe.

"The cameras are on, and we're stressed," Kukulya says.

"Everyone else is just hoping for the best, like, 'Okay I hope Shark Cam gets some good footage.' And we're throwing this really expensive vehicle in the water and trying to learn things on the fly, and make it better on the fly." The vehicle was attacked their first trip out, as they tracked a different shark that had been tagged with a transponder.

The first ping gives it a bearing and a range, and then there's a slight delay, and a second ping comes back and gives it depth.

And so the vehicle's able to triangulate its position, and know exactly in three-dimensional space where the shark is." This is how the ocean has long been explored, actually.

They could watch it hunt, watch it mate, watch it go about its day.

With 100 feet of visibility, they'd be able to see the shark swimming down to the edge of darkness.This happened over and over in Guadalupe, which has made Kukulya "think a little bit differently" about her next expedition."We had no interest in losing this vehicle the second time we put it in the water." The expedition resulted in incredible footage for the Discovery Channel, which will air on Monday night as part of the show "Jaws Strikes Back." For Kukulya, though, it's more exciting for the questions it raised.Since this is a popular webcam, the cost to maintain and operate has substantially increased over the years and the streaming bandwidth is expensive since we stream at high quality.Kukulya and her team of engineers had been building up to this expedition for years, researching and improving autonomous vehicles to teach them to follow sharks.

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