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Credit Control Corporation was involved in legal issues surrounding insurance fraud.

Knowing that his original ideal was to live a life as an open-minded, accountable individual, Robert accepted his responsibility as the CEO of Credit Control Corporation and pleaded guilty to the fraudulent actions of his actions and those who worked under Robert and the behaviors that he overlooked or was unaware.

From this first entrepreneurial experience, he also discovered his passion for journalism and delving into the minds of individuals who had something worthy of saying.

In Newark High School’s television studio, he created a local show entitled SCHOOLS IN ACTION. He learned the value and importance of broadcast journalism and the impact of news on a community.

The Sex Offender Chronicles are a series of stories and interviews taken from throughout the nation.

The term "Sex Offender" has lost much of its effect due to the inconsistent way that the laws are treated. At the time , I was so worried about what what people would think, If I would be treated differently, If I would be just "another victim of the system" The great news is that I am now beyond all of that.

Released early for exceptional behavior, Robert was given five dollars, a plane ticket to return home and wished, “Good luck!

Milken now donates copious amounts of time and money to charitable causes. Voraciously reading, studying and learning not only law, he examined the uniqueness and learned from the varied individuals with whom he spent his time. He earned respect from his new found friends- fellow inmates and employees of Lompoc Federal Correctional Complex.

If you want to see what has happened in the past 15 years since this was written, visit

Robert or you can read “The Robert Paisola Story Update 2016” at talks about sexual abuse and issues that were highly emotional at the time. If you are a sexual abuse survivor, you can always contact me at [email protected] you can guarantee I will be honest with you.

He believed he could trust other individuals to run his business and played as most twenty-something year old's do- fast, expensive cars, a vast home and all the materialism that most individuals believe is the essential ingredient to a happy life.

After taking accountability for his company, Robert found himself in Lompoc Federal Correctional Complex.

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